To create a brand.

And so it begins. A new adventure in creating a new brand and developing the skills necessary to produce and market handmade leather goods.


I started taking an interest in leather craft in Spring 2013. At first I was interested in making bracelets and although I'm not an 'accessories type of guy' I was attracted to the process of making things with leather and especially with the stitching stage.


For me, as a layman, the things which mark good leather work are 1) a high standard of stitching and 2) an embossed original 'brand'.


In approaching this new hobby I was keen to satisfy those two criteria as a minimum. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that an industrial (and expensive) sewing machine was not essential. I learned the key to good hand stitching was well made holes which are made possible with a mini hand router like a Dremel and a drill press. These were to be very high on my purchase list.


As for the embossing, I was informed of a company in the UK who can produce embossing plates out of magnesium. For some people thinking of starting experimenting out with leather craft, the idea of creating an original, recognisable brand may well be very far from their thinking. For them it might be at the back of their mind as something their hobby might evolve into after some years. I took the opposite approach and decided to start my thinking with how I envisioned the final products.




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Jim Davies

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